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29 November 2009 @ 01:58 am
one way to escape bad ideas  
Today was not such a good one.
  1. I made a terrible, terrible mistake this morning. I am praying & praying that the money will bounce. I don't think I can relax until it does D: I knew should have given the extra change back.
  2. I was supposed to go to the roller derby BUT tickets were sold out when we got there ): so we played around in the entertainment quarter for a while & then we went to the Guylian cafe with it's extremely overpriced cakes &c.
  3. The guy at the movie counter didn't ask where we wanted to sit but gave us seats somewhere in the Ys (maybe because we were bullying him about the price a little ._.) but we ended up sitting in like... the front row as people kept kicking us out of their seats, lol.
  4. The Kiss was a little too heavy for my mood. But the cinematography was gorgeous & the scene where he calls the police is genius editing. Everyone in the audience was kind of bemused throughout; there was a lot of laughter at probably inappropriate moments, lol. I did like how they forced you to work things out for yourself though - one problem I have with a lot of movies is the fact that they treat the viewer like an idiot, and resort to using flashbacks to make an obvious point. But it was a little slow - everything suddenly seemed to happen at the end. Sakaguchi realising the full extent of what he has done & still wanting to die. No longer out of loneliness, but out of a desire to repent & to prevent himself from killing again. (& at the same leaving Endo alone - which goes back to the idea of him being selfish) But Endo is actually just as selfish; she thinks that they are entitled to kill - it's their way of getting back at society. . . Essentially it's a movie about being an 'outsider', & also a warning to society to think about the consequences of the way it treats certain individuals.
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