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20 November 2009 @ 03:05 am
keep my sorrows in the sand  
13/11/09: FINISHED EXAMS. Oh please let me do well. The next few days were a total blur of work/sleep/eat/playing/movie-watching. I finally watched Star Trek and I loved it from the opening scene. I've gone through a lot of sci-fi recently (Doctor Who, Torchwood, Animorphs) & I recently realised how much I love sci-fi as a genre: how even through the human race has achieved the things we can now only dream of & long for (SEE: TIME TRAVEL) the themes are still essentially the same: mortality & sacrifice & the distance between people (and non-people).

I also forced Claire + Zach + Raymond to see An Education with me, lol. I'm... really sorry, Zach. But the dialogue was witty & the actors were good & the sets & costumes were gorgeous. Jenny's speech about how everyone & everything was boring also made me think of my own somewhat patronising attitude to other people, which in turn reminded me of this part from Atonement:

Was everyone else really as alive as she was?...If the answer was no, then Briony was surrounded by machines, intelligent and pleasant enough on the outside, but lacking the bright and private inside feeling she had. This was sinister and lonely, as well as unlikely. For, though it offended her sense of order, she knew it was overwhelmingly probable that everyone else had thoughts like hers. She knew this, but only in a rather arid way; she didn’t really feel it.

18-19/11/09: These two days had the potential to possibly be the worst in my life & they pretty much lived up to that expectation. I failed my test & got 2 unpleasant emails but I FINALLY ordered my instax camera. I am so excited :D/ On the other hand, work was not bad. Even though it was so hot & there was no aircon, one of the adorable pre-school kids was in a good mood & was like hanging onto my arm the whole time, lol. ALSO went to oxford art factory with a friend & even though direction-findng was just. . . fail . . . there were some pretty interesting and lolarious conversations (I . . . don't know anyone else who draws constant comparisons between himself & Mr Darcy LOL).

On a more serious note, even more than words, when people are so open & honest I guess it made me reflect about the difference between the way I treat my friends & the way they deserve to be treated. But anyway best big-brother type ever<3

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